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Where were you when...?

We all tend to remember where we were when BIG events happened in our lifetime - events that changed the world around us and within us. The moon landing is a happy one that I remember fairly clearly... I was in an old barn, watching on a small TV set, along with many other people, mostly kids (I being one of them) at summer camp. What a fond memory! I won't mention any of the big, tragic events that we all shared - but, like you, no doubt, I remember exactly where I was in those very unhappy moments.

We also tend to remember where we were when big, personal events happened in our lifetime - events, or moments, that we alone experienced, that changed our own understanding of the world. I'd like to share just a few of mine with you. Doing so will help me remember them!

I can remember where I was when:

I came to understand how a blanket works.

I came to understand what harmony is.

I was shown how to properly "roll up your sleeves." (you fold them up.)

I was told what the "Do Not Pass" sign means.

I realized that you're supposed to use all three, or four, tiny, fancy, perfumed soap bars at once (it was nearly impossible to get bubbles out of just one!)

Thankfully, I feel there are more of these moments yet to come, and I might remember where I was when they do.


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