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What's with all this preoccupation with "NEW"? It seems that it's been around for a long, long time (way back to the "old days"). For example, when the "New World" was discovered, around 600 years ago, settlers began naming new places after old places: New Hampshire, New York (which was first called New Amsterdam), in fact, the whole northeast territory of the US is called New England! And neighboring places in Canada became known as: New Brunswick, Newfoundland, and Nova Scotia. Was it a longing for the old that brought on the new? When settlers land on the moon will there be a place called New New York?

And how about all the hubbub we make over the start of each New Year? In which there needs to be a new model car for every brand name, Toyota, Nissan, VW.... (is it because we just can't get enough of the new car smell?) Which begs the question, when exactly does something that's new get old? New England's been around for a long time, maybe it's time to call it Old New England? Maybe there's a hope that by naming something "new" it won't ever get old? (OH, the questions are coming hard and fast! My head hurts.)

(But I continue.) Isn't it rather redundant that a baby is called a new baby? Has there ever been an old baby? Yet, interestingly enough, though a baby is referred to as being new, people ask how old the baby is... [Sadly] the baby is already "one day OLD!" How quickly things get old! - Let's consider giving the kid a break by referring to him/her as being "one day/week/month new," at least until they're one year old. Seems like new and old are two sides of the same coin. It's all relative... (My head is hurting at the Poking Walrus Tusk level.*)

But being new isn't always welcomed! Who could forget one of the biggest debacles in marketing history? New Coke. A very quick scramble was made to re-establish "Coca Cola Classic" until finally the "classic" could be quietly dropped and today the soft drink company's carbonated waters are running smoothly again. Some things you just gotta leave alone. And I must leave this topic alone...

However, next time someone asks me "what's new?" I'm gonna say, "Don't get me started!"

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