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Trying it again

So... I have a big chunk of cash and I plan on refinancing my home to get the remainder of the $150,000 that I need to go on another time travel trip. I really want to accomplish what I set out to do on my first, ill-fated, trip, which is to astound the early colonial citizens of America with a technological marvel from the future - from their future. You may remember that I took an electric blow dryer for that purpose, but I couldn't use it: there's no public electric utility in colonial Boston (oops!)

Since I came back, I’ve had several suggestions as to what to take on my next trip, from subscribers and friends; one being a fully charged iPhone that I could take on-the-spot videos with. What could be more astounding than seeing yourself doing what you had just done? But alas, I feel that such a marvel is strictly optical and could easily be dismissed as being done with mirrors and slight of hand. It isn't tangible. The suggestion did, however, give me the key to the solution: I’m taking a battery operated blow dryer, making sure that the batteries are fully charged before I go. With it, I’ll cause a tangible sensation. The colonists will actually handle a wet cloth that moments later is warm and dry. They will be able to feel the heat produced by this fireless breathing dragon themselves!

However, as icing on the cake, in other words, to make me appear as an even more marvelous wizard, I will also take an iPhone. With it, I’ll secretly tune into the local weather station, watching the radar in particular, and, more or less, accurately predict the exact time of the arrival of rain. It’ll be so cool. I’ll tell you all about it, upon my return.


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