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Let's count to one trillion.

READY? Out loud, all together now.... GO!

"One second, two seconds, three seconds, four seconds, five...."

At this rate (one number per second) it will take 11.6 days to reach one million.

"... ten seconds, eleven seconds ..."

To reach one billion would take a bit over 31½ years.

"... fifteen seconds, sixteen seconds, seventeen ..."

To finally reach one trillion we would have counted every second for about 31,700 years.


Upon reflection of my proposed method to count each second out loud, I think that using a machine (an alarm clock, maybe?) would be much better. That's because, when we get to a number like: "eighty one billion, four hundred sixty two million, seven hundred and thirty five thousand, nine hundred and three" we would use more than a second to count it, thus making our count to one trillion longer than necessary. (The clock can be set to ring an alarm when the total is reached!)


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