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February is August Upside-Down


I've come to believe that February is August upside-down. The two months are not entirely opposites, though it's easy to list opposite traits: cold vs. hot; awake vs. asleep; colorful vs. dull... Whereas, August is alive, verdant, maturing, the so called “high summer,” February is referred to as “the dead of winter,” dormant, empty, white.

But the two months are very similar. Both are deep within seasons that have settled in. The days in each are often sunny and stable, predictable. When a storm passes, little changes; in contrast to the season-changing storms of spring and fall with their wild winds and wide temperature swings. And, February and August are both peaceful, reflective months. Quietly, without urgency, February awaits the thaw of the frozen earth. Likewise, unhurried, August anticipates the busy harvest of autumn when the warm, loose soil yields its fruit (and veg!)

February and August are polar opposites on the calendar. They are different, yet the same. They are two sides of the same coin. Happy February!

Your friend,



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