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Apps that I would like for Christmas

With Christmas coming it's time to look for gifts. Here are a few that I think are worth serious consideration, especially for those whose phones have become a third hand. There are many other exciting apps that I can tell you about (maybe later) but these are the cat's meow. And the prices make gift giving easy on the pocketbook. **

ItchAWAY! How can an app scratch an itch? Well, it actually doesn't scratch your itch, it makes you forget about it, by creating all kinds of distractions. For example:

When your phone starts downloading a phenomenal amount of bizarre things from a strange website, your itch won't matter.

When texts from your bank say your account's been hacked and all is lost, scratching will be the last thing on your mind.

An alarm that won't turn off; a burning smell; fake phone calls, etc. You won't know what to expect! Only $4.99 on PlayStore

SneezePower. Unlike other sneeze velocity measuring apps, this one doesn't work by sneezing onto the screen (gross). Instead, it measures the deflection of your head as you hold your phone to the back of your neck. Some calibration is involved in the initial set up, but once it's up and running it's a hoot to use. Works with coughs and hiccups, too! $4.99 on GooglePlay.

Headache Equivalency. Ever been at a loss for words to describe how much your head hurts? This clever app sends progressively stronger electrical shocks until you decide that the shock hurts as much as your headache. The app then lists suggestions to use in describing the pain. For example: "My head hurts like a billiard ball falling on my foot" (medium). "It's like a hippopotamus is sitting on my head" (severe, with pressure). "A helicopter is beating me with its propeller!" (very severe, with throbbing). "A churning, fomenting stream is channeling through my brain"(mild, almost pleasant). $4.99 on Bucket o' Apps.

And, finally...

Countdown to Blackout! Ever wonder how long you can hold your breath until you blackout? This app works by sensing the pressure of your hand as you hold the phone, at the same time as you hold your breath. The moment you blackout, you release the phone and the time is recorded. It's fun to try adding seconds to your score! $6.99 on Apps-pro-po.

**I received no monies for promoting these apps (darn!)

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