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A peanut, or a whale?

I don't remember how I came up with it, but I started to ask my young son, Mark, as he lay in bed, ready to hear a "story in the dark," if he would rather be a this or a that. "Would you rather be a cup or a saucer?" A hammer or a nail?; a door knob or a faucet handle?; an air conditioner or a refrigerator?; an old piece of pizza left in the garage for two weeks or a half-eaten tuna sandwich forgotten in the laundry room for 4 days? etc., etc. (we played the game a lot).

I don't know, but maybe it was a way for me to secretly psychoanalyze him (??)

REALLY? an oval, not a triangle? a right ear, not a left? the letter J, not K?

V e r y interesting...

The fun was increased when I began to tell him that his choice was [BUZZER SOUND] wrong! A GREEN marble, not a blue one! A PINKIE, not a thumb! A deflated basketball, not a chipped hockey puck! A reflection in a mirror, not a window!

Of course, he got to question (and occasionally correct) me.

I hope that someday in the distant future he'll play this game again with someone he loves.


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