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A little help? (from my friends)

Dear Friends,

I’m soliciting a little help for my awesome record album project - I just need some lyrics written and some tunes written. I’ve come up with some great song titles, IMHO. I think they speak for themselves, but for a few I’ve given a description to help visualize "the sound." Any help will be greatly appreciated. I’ll also need some musicians when the songs are done. Thanks!


When the Stone in My Shoe Starts to Bother Me [a little bit country]

Loose Tooth! [a little bit Rock & Roll]

I Blew it Blues

Chromium Iodide Train Station [psychedelic sound]

Empathy Wore Me Out [moody, introspective, echo-ee]

Sasquatch (he’s my friend) [a lá James Taylor]

Standing On the... something or other [I need some help here. On the... on the...what?]

Sasquatch (he’s my friend) Reprise


Call For Another Round, and Put it on Mike's Tab [Irish pub sound, with lots of laughter!]

Wishing, Hoping, Waxing My Car [Beatlesque]

I Would Rather You Didn’t... something, something. [Again, need some help here. Didn't...?]

Pancakes and Flapjacks [another psychedelic sound, w/eerie backwards voices: SkcaJpalF...]

Cory! Cory! Cory! [a bit punk - high energy]

Yakov Took a Bullet for Me (he’s my friend) [a lá Bruce Springsteen]

[NOTE: C!C!C! slides into YTaBfM with no silent pause in between. Cross fade.]

Ft. Lauderdale, North America [with the spirit of "Wichita Lineman," by Glen Campbell.] [NOTE: Being the last song, this one needs to be the best.]

Thanks again!

Your friend, Paul

A possible cover for the album. Paul Shukin, Live at Folsom Prison.

(Anyone know anyone in charge there?)


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